Our work involves two fields that might at first seem an unusual combination: science and the humanities. As a result, our content and technology work in harmony. The main element of what we offer is audio guides, for which we create both the content (audio tours) and the software (devices, mobile apps). The team working on each project includes scriptwriters, editors, translators and voice-over artists, as well as sound engineers, programmers, electronic engineers, mechanics and IT specialists. The wide range of skills found in our teams also allows us to undertake unusual projects.

What we offer

Audio tours

We create our audio tours from A to Z: from the concept and script, via recording and translation, to evaluation. We find clear and accessible ways of presenting sightseers with even the most complex information, adapting the message to the needs of various groups of recipients.


We are the only designer and producer of audio guides in Poland. We are constantly improving our devices and modifying our software, meaning we can adapt the technology to even the boldest of concepts and take on new challenges.

Mobile apps

Our software works in audio guides as well as mobile apps. As a result, we can implement any potential project simultaneously in both forms, providing our clients with different options depending on their needs and situation.


In addition to audio tours, we also develop other elements of multimedia content. These include educational, quasi-documentary and promotional videos, interactive exhibits, info kiosks and 3D stands. This enables us to ensure the coherence of the content throughout the exhibition.

Control panel for the sound and audioguides system
Special projects

Modern technology is very helpful in places that attract large numbers of tourists. The control panels we design and program are compatible with other elements of the audio guide system, allowing the synchronisation of recordings in several dozen languages at the same time, or the instant selection of a language for a specific route. Our largest projects of this type to date include the Panorama of the Battle of Raclawice and the Parliament of Budapest.

audioguide collection point
Collection points

We offer a comprehensive service for the sightseers who use our audio guides. We hire the employees, stock the collection points, manage the maintenance and disinfection of equipment, plan visual identity and carry out promotional activities. Our employees work in the major tourist sites in Poland, such as Malbork Castle, European Solidarity Centre and the Museum of the Second World War in Gdansk. In total, they support over half a million visitors every year.