Privacy policy

§1. General provisions

The website is owned by MOVITECH Ł. MARZEC I WSPÓLNICY SP. J. with its registered office in Krakow on Skotnicka 224, entered into the Register of Entrepreneurs under KRS number: 0000345214, and with its registration files kept by the District Court for Krakow-Srodmiescie in Krakow, 11th Commercial Division of the National Court Register. NIP: PL5170311227, REGON: 180514920. Data protection is carried out in accordance with the requirements of generally applicable law, and the data is stored on secured servers.

§2. Cookies

The website uses cookies. These are small text files sent by a server and stored by a computer’s browser software. When the browser reconnects with the website, the site recognises the type of device from which the user is connecting. The parameters allow the information contained in the cookies to be read only by the server that created them. Therefore, cookies facilitate the use of previously visited websites. The collected information includes IP address, type of browser used, language, type of operating system, internet service provider, and the date, time and location of the session. The collected data is used to monitor and check how visitors are using the website, in order to improve the functioning of the website by providing more efficient and smoother navigation. User information is monitored using the Google Analytics tool, which records user behaviour on websites. Our website uses the following cookies:

  1. ‘necessary’ cookies, which enable the use of services available on the website, e.g. authentication cookies used for services requiring authentication via the website;
  2. cookies used to ensure security, e.g. to detect misuse in the authentication field on the website;
  3. ‘performance’ cookies, which enable the collection of information on the way the website’s pages are used;
  4. ‘functional’ cookies, which enable a user’s selected settings to be ‘remembered’ and the personalisation of the user interface, e.g. in terms of the user’s language or region of origin, font size, website appearance, etc.

Users can disable or enable cookies at any time by changing the settings in their web browser. Please note that most browsers are set to accept cookies on the user’s device by default. Changes to the settings in the user’s web browser may limit or prevent the use of the app.