Interactive exhibits

Interactive exhibits can help bring content to life. What better to way to present specific fields of science than by allowing visitors to experience them first-hand? An illuminated, touchscreen globe presenting various animal species with descriptions, or an optical toy demonstrating the laws of physics – these are just two examples of what’s possible

Info kiosks

Detailed content can be presented neatly using multimedia presentations on a touchscreen. Visitors can choose the categories they’re interested in, view archive photographs and maps, or play recordings. Info kiosks make it easy to provide the same content in different languages.

Promotional videos

Picturesque shots captured by drone, high-quality photography of the exhibition space, well-chosen music and a professional voice-over. We produce promotional videos from start to finish, taking care of the concept, the script, filming and post-production (editing, soundtrack, etc.). Every idea is formulated with a professional film crew and experienced content creators.

3D film stands

3D films can give sightseers a realistic insight into the everyday lives of a site’s former inhabitants. This option appeals in particular to younger visitors. We work with reconstruction groups and historical experts to recreate ancient scenes faithfully and with great attention to detail.

Educational films

Many institutions choose to add educational films to their exhibitions. If we don’t have access to archival footage, we can present historical scenes in the form of a quasi-documentary. The voices of actors from the films are also used in the audio guides, creating a coherent narrative.