What is an audio tour?

An audio tour is a tour based on a narration, comprising both informational content and navigational cues. We prepare audio tours for various groups of recipients, respecting the needs, customs and sightseeing methods preferred by different people. This means a single exhibition space can be adapted to:

Audio Tours / Audio Guide
  • Adults

  • Families with children

  • Foreigners

  • Disabled people (primarily those with visual and hearing impairments)

How is an audio tour created?

Audio tour - Conception

1. Conception

Working together with representatives of the cultural institution where the tour will be based, we discuss the various elements of the exhibition or space, allowing us to propose tailor-made solutions. The more time we dedicate to this stage, the better the end result will be.

Audiotour - Preparing the script

2. Preparing the script

Our scriptwriters draw up a proposal for a script, which is then discussed with employees of the cultural institution. Our editors and proof-readers also have an input into the text, ensuring the language is error-free and natural-sounding.

Audio tour - Translation

3. Translation

We place great value on translation quality, working with the best qualified native speakers and literary translators. They take into account the cultural context of foreign tourists, adapting and modifying the texts accordingly.

Audio tour - Recordings

4. Recording and post-production

We work with several dozen Polish narrators and the same number of foreign narrators. Our sound engineers oversee the recording and post-production stages and are also responsible for musical compositions and soundtracks.

Audio tour - Evaluation

5. Evaluation

We evaluate our products after the first few visitors have taken a new tour. We talk with the tourists, observe how they move around the space, and analyse statistics collected in the audio guides. Once we’ve made some finishing touches, the project is ready to go!

Sample recordings

The Malbork Castle Museum
family route (EN)
Ksiaz Castle in Walbrzych
basic route (EN)
ENIGMA Cipher Centre in Poznan
basic route (DE)
PGE Power Giants Exhibition in Belchatow
family route (EN)
Gallery of 20th C. Art at Oksza Villa in Zakopane
basic route (EN)
European Solidarity Centre in Gdansk
audio description (EN)
Czluchow Regional Museum
basic route (DE)
Sybir Memorial Museum in Bialystok
basic route (ESL)